About Us

About Us

This About Us page is a customisable web page called a WebBlock.  
It is essential to have an About Us page for your website. It should contain information about your company and activity that would interest your visitors.

You can introduce your company, it’s history, your team members, etc.

  • How long has your company existed?
  • How did it get started?
  • Do you have a high street store associated to your website?
  • Talk about yourself. Do you come from a long line of master chocolate makers, for example?
  • Share your passion, tell your story!
To edit this page, click on one of the following menus in your admin console:

1. Galleries > WebBlocks > Edit WebBlock icon to the right of the “About Us” page in the list.

2. Site > Menus > Horizontal Menu > Edit Target in the context menu that appears when you mouse over the associated menu > Edit WebBlock button at the bottom of the page.