Amazing carbon! Job Interview

Amazing carbon! Job Interview

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Why Carbon ?

I wanted to work for a global  innovative bank with all the oportunities and challenges that come with it. It will me to explore many avenues and roles. Their reputation, a market leader – one of the biggest banks in the UK. It is constantly growing, they are everywhere – they have a global presence, from the o2 to the premier league, I want to be part of that dynamic enviroment. The diversity at barclays is something I am excited about, incorporating that is a grat way to brain strom amazing ideas and stay on top of the game. Dynamic working where Barclays allow you to persue other ambitions outside of work is a great thing to have in a job. It really highlights the amount of support that is available to you and empowers you to balance your professional and personal lives in a way that works for you


  1. What motivates you to join your division? What are the current issues affecting it?


I am fascinated by being part of the profession of banking. Finance is the oxygen of commerce, reaching all corners of the globe and all aspects of business. The core values are something which drew me to this position. Barclays focuses on being transparent, engenderinng the trust of our customers and always acting with integrity. It is a values driven business with 325 years of innovation behind it,  Launch the world’s first cash machine and mobile cheque deposit technology, we’ve set the pace in the financial services industry.


Barclays and RBS suspended from trading after Brexit financial crash

Trading in Barclays and RBS shares was suspended briefly today off the back of Brexit.

Barclays dropped 10.3 per cent while RBS went down 15 per cent this morning.

The heavy losses in such a short space of time triggered automatic circuit breakers on the London Stock Exchange.

That led to a five-minute halt while investors analysed the next move.

Since Thursday Barclays shareholders have lost £10billion.


Jes Staley, chief executive of Barclays, said in a statement that the bank was ready to do “whatever it takes” to serve its clients.


“We are a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank, anchored in the UK and the US. That remains the core of our strength and the Barclays of the future,” he said.


2.How satisfied do you feel that someone has fully understood when you are explaining something to them? When have you done this recently?


Always 100% satisfied

If I get the feeling some has misunderstood me I would ask.

I take pleasure in explaining things to others and sharing the knowledge that I have gained and over the years I believe it is a skill that I have developed to a good standard.


I would question them on what I have said in a way that is not condescending

You can tell by their body body language when something has not been completely understood and I find different way of explaining it


For example, when I work at the citizens advice beuro, I have to break down a lot of legal terms in order for my client to fully understand. The law is very complex but I am able distil the information effectivly and help clear any problems or issues they may have.


  1. You’re asked to summarise complex information to a senior manager at the last minute. How do you feel about this? Have you done something similar recently?


Would relish the opportunity, I thrive under pressure. I am great with using my innitative and can always present information in a clear concise manner. I am able to distil information effectively. It allows me to come across as emphatic and more relatable If I can demonstrate I know what I am talking about. I done this for my dissertation proposal at university. My task was to perorm15 minuite presentation o the legislative issues and criticims facing forced labout within the UK. It is a very complex and broad topic so I had to filter the relevant inforamtion and summarise my work, delivering it at the level other students could appreicate and understand.


Or at Tesco Discuss 5p thing.


  1. How do you ensure you learn new things quickly? When have you done this recently?


My own personal learning process is twofold. First, I write down notes on the new information on a piece of paper, usually listing them off as they are read. Then I read aloud these notes slowly, changing the words around so that it forces me to rethink the content of the writing and the strucute. I like to have everything in a logical coherant order.
Yes, for my third year exams. Our exams are graded not only on the content but the strucute, the critial analyssi and forming our own opinions. In order for me gain the knowledge on how to do that.  Once I have everything written down I will then incorporate it into a conversation with my friends or family. By me explaing to them what my question is about helps me understand fully the information I amlearning. I find it to be a  full proof system based on my grades..



  1. When have you improved a process that wasn’t working?


When you read about global issues, do you link them to how they would affect the banking industry?


Yes, of course. Finance is the oxygen of commerce, reaching all corners of the globe and with that comes a lot of responsibility and unfortunalty, problems too. Regulatory expectations continue to rise, with increased emphasis on each institution’s ability to respond to the next potential crisis


In repsect to Brexit – A bank with its headquarters in the UK would need to consider first of all whether the UK was still the most appropriate jurisdiction in which to maintain its headquarters. HSBC has just announced that it has completed such a process and decided to remain in the UK. Others may or may not follow suit.


Jamie Dimon, was quoted in the Financial Times on 23 February 2016 warning that

Brexit would constitute a “massive dislocation” to London’s financial hub that would reverse decades of growth for international banks in London and scatter them across Europe and the rest of the world. He predicts that Brexit would result in UK-based banks no longer being able to sell services throughout the EU


Governance and risk management is an issue


Many bank managers continue to face challenges in implementing a comprehensive enterprise-wide governance program that meets regulatory expectations


  1. Culture and ethics

Many of the problems and failures during and after the financial downturn—some of them criminal—were rooted in poor cultural foundations

  1. Cybersecurity is a major issue in banking and a top priority for regulators.


Despite all these issues,



Jes Staley, chief executive of Barclays, said in a statement that the bank was ready to do “whatever it takes” to serve its clients.


“We are a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank, anchored in the UK and the US. That remains the core of our strength and the Barclays of the future,” he said.


Have you suggested a change which was implemented?


Suggested a change in my uncles post office, where they were deciding on marketing ideas for Christmas cards.  My boss suggested an offer of a 2 for £1 cards, however when this was put in place it was not really effective, through creating rapport with the customers I was able to gain feedback on this offer to try and make it better.  SO I suggested a different offer of 5 for £2, and at first he was a bit hesitant on going through with the offer.  So I went through the benefits again, and explained I had based my suggestion on customer feedback.  I suggested a trial run first of all, for 2 weeks, and if it went well he could consider extending it, if not we would work together to think of a better one.  The offer worked well, and the feedback I attained from the customers was good too.


Have you worked in a group where you had to motivate the group and how did you do it?

Working on employment law debate. Team members began to feel that the project was not moving, I held a meeting, and told everyone to speak openly about their issues.  And then we worked to create effective solutions to the issues.  I then reiterated the benefits of completing the project, and tried to create a better working atmosphere within the group by building personal relationships.  This helped to create a better work ethic, and the group were motivated afterwards.

Have you ever broken a rule in order to something good?

At under no circumstances whatsoever is it necessary to break company policy to achieve something even if it’s for the benefit of the company. You should be  ethical and remain true to company policies. A company could be fined a lot of money and lose reputation if found guilty of unethical, unlawful behaviours or corruption.


Example of teamwork/resilence?

Working on last years debate project on employement law, the essence of team work was crucial. myself and my team had set up a timeline of how we wanted to progress and organise the work load.  A team member of mine had fallen ill and began falling behind on her work for the group project.  This had delayed us in getting the script created and practise time to go over it, so as this  was a group matter, I spent time working on her part while he was ill, and when he came back, I spent about 5 6 hours helping him catch up on the script so that our progress would not be more hindered.  By me doing this, we were able to still meet the deadline for the submission and had a fantastic result.


When have you delivered/received great service? What did you do/receive? *

When I was working in Vodafone, a elderly man had come in and was having trouble with a new phone had given him for his birthday. It was the iphone 5s. He had trouble getting to grips with it and wanted help to set up email, etc, numbers, explained every setting. He was worried at the que building up but I made him feel at ease.


Give an example of where you have seen an opportunity to improve something and have acted upon it. What did you do? What happened as a result? *


When I was working at Vodafone I realised that all of the accessories were cluttered and in no particular order. I approached my manager and informed him that it was difficult for customers to find headphones, memory cards, cases etc and more and more customers were asking staff members if they had specific accessories in store which were not obviously visible on the display. As a result, I asked my manager for permission to put the products in alphabetical order on the shelf and according to size so as to increase sales and make it easier for customers to find what they were looking for. The manager agreed and the situation was improved dramatically.


Tell me about a time when you failed to complete a task or project on time, despite intending to do so.


During my final year at university I failed to deliver my third year project by the due date. This was because I was heavily involved in cutting-edge research right up until the end of my course and was waiting for imminent results from surveys being undertaken by researchers at other academic institutions.

Considering this was my final piece of academic work, I wanted to ensure it was based on the most accurate and up-to-date sources of information available, even if this meant a delay in production. To ensure no marks were deducted from my dissertation, I contacted my course director and personal tutor two weeks before my dissertation due date to discuss my particular situation. I argued my case, and was consequently allowed an extra two weeks to produce my work.

Although my work was delayed, I feel that this delay was justified in that the work was of the highest quality it could be. Furthermore, I sufficiently organised myself in relation to my department and tutors, so that all relevant people were aware of a possible delay in the production of my dissertation.




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