Carbon Fire Blog!

Carbon Fire Blog!

Carbon Fibre Shop supply carbon and fibre glass rods and tubes to customers all over the world; to individuals, clubs, business customers, schools, colleges and universities.

Does your project need development, modifications, reinforcements, or weight saving? Or does it just need that bland plastic or metal work changing to a lovely bit of carbon?

At Carbon Fibre Shop we will do our absolute best to help with creative ideas and solutions to your project needs…

So what is it you’re looking for?We have dedicated our small but concise range to Rods and Tubes, both Carbon and Fibreglass – We also carry a range of fittings and caps, first developed for Kites, and useful for a wider range of applications

Start by browsing our site using the category selections on the left hand side, everything is self explanatory, and if you are uncertain of anything – Just ring us!

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